Got Talent: Motion graphics designer Robert Streeter knows how to entertain

Decades before joining the Boyd Gaming Corporate E-Commerce team, Robert Streeter had another, quite different profession – performing with Bobbie Gentry, the singer/songwriter known for such hits as “Ode to Billie Joe” and “Son of a Preacher Man.”

The year was 1972, and Streeter was traveling with Gentry as a guitarist, splitting his time between L.A. and Las Vegas where Gentry had a show.

But Streeter was much more than Bobbie’s guitarist. He was also her production manager. “We’d have a 30-day engagement at the Desert Inn,” noted Streeter. “Much of the time in L.A. was spent prepping for the shows in Vegas.”

It was a lot of work, but there were definitely perks. Like the night Elvis Presley came backstage at the Desert Inn after wrapping up his show at the Las Vegas Hilton, and Streeter and Gentry rode back to his hotel in Elvis’s limo. “We went up to Elvis’s suite, and his backup group was singing,” said Streeter. “Elvis would chime in and go ‘unh hunh hunh’.”

And then there was the time Gentry was a judge for the Miss America Pageant. “I went with her to Niagara Falls,” said Streeter. They had dinner with the other judges like Robin Cook, Jeffrey Holder, F. Lee Bailey, and Dorothy Hamill. “It was quite exciting.”

Streeter worked for Gentry for two years before moving to Las Vegas to start his own band. “I put a musical duo together, playing Top 40 and country, for about 15 years,” said Streeter. “As ‘Street Car’, we worked all over town: Sahara, Rivera, The Westward Ho, Night Gallery.”

Streeter had always been interested in computers and software, so he jumped right into MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) when it came out. “I made a lot of background music on my computer and had it play behind us,” Streeter said. “I played guitar and bass pedals with my feet, which was kind of unusual. Not too many people did that.”

“I got out of music just about the time my son was born. It was time to have a different career,” he said. Streeter had been performing in Roxy’s Lounge at Sam’s Town, so he transitioned into the Marketing department. “I designed and printed about 60 posters a month as well as managing their electronic signage.”

Now Streeter works in the Corporate Office designing motion graphics for E-Commerce. “I really enjoy what I do.”

The time he spent as a musician has helped him excel in his current role. “I got a strong sense of what works, the importance of lounge entertainment in terms of drawing people to other parts of the hotel. I could see the value of entertainment.”