Working Smart: IT Simplifies New-Hire Onboarding with Streamlined Bundle

Boyd Gaming is constantly growing with new team members, and with that comes the process of setting them up with the equipment and programs they need to succeed. With Boyd Gaming’s commitment to “Working Smart” in mind, the IT Department recently launched a new process that makes onboarding new hires seamless and easy. The “bundle” officially became available on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

The process has come a long way since it was first implemented. Just two years ago, hiring managers had to fax in request forms to the IT Department, detailing all the items needed for new hires. Before they could submit their request form, they also had to get a physical signature from a designated executive to approve the request. The previous process did not allow hiring managers to check the status of their requests, and caused delays if a faxed request was not received.

IT introduced the self-service portal in 2015, and since then, the process of requesting assistance or ordering equipment has been paperless: an online option that was more convenient and easily trackable. To enhance the process even further, IT has constantly been working to make the self-service portal more user-friendly and more convenient for team members. One such enhancement is the new hire request bundle.

“Boyd Gaming’s IT Department is constantly searching for ways to improve how to provide IT services to support team members,” said Edwin Aldana, IT Service Manager. “This is why we continue to evolve and make changes to our processes to help team members save time, complete tasks and solve issues.”

The New Team Member Bundle is the fastest and simplest process to date. Managers are now able to submit and track multiple IT requests at a time. Instead of submitting a separate request for access, and equipment such as desktops, laptops, desk phones, and mobile phones, hiring managers can now save time by putting in all necessary new hire onboarding requests at once.

Submitting requests for new team members is also easier through the bundle process. The “shopping cart” experience guides hiring managers through each request element and keeps them all in one place. It also provides details and a description of each item to help hiring managers decide if the item will meet the position’s needs.

Additionally, the New Team Member Bundle lets users review all the items they are ordering before they submit a request. With features like having information fields prepopulated and not having to decipher technical jargon, the bundle process offers more convenience for users. The process is also a sign of things to come for the self-service portal.

“The new bundle update only marks the beginning of our work to streamline the onboarding process,” Aldana said. “We will continue to look for ways to work smarter by making our IT processes better and partnering with other departments like we did with Human Resources to develop the bundle.”

Team members can access the New Team Member Bundle at their work station by visiting the IT self-service portal and clicking “Access Request.”