Moving Up: Liz Toledo and Richard Litke

We're proud to feature two team members in "Moving Up," a regular feature that highlights team members who, through hard work, dedication and innovation have worked their way up into management positions at our Company and provide great career growth examples.

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Liz Toledo – Gold Coast Hotel and Casino – Team Member Relations Manager

Moving Up: Team Member Relations Manager (2017); Human Resources Specialist (2016); Engineering Secretary II (2011); Human Resources Representative (2008).

On the Job: In 2008, Liz Toledo started her career with Boyd Gaming as a Human Resources Representative at Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Toledo later transferred to the property’s Engineering Department as Engineering Secretary II in 2011. After working in Engineering for five years, she returned to her career in Human Resources as a Human Resources Specialist. Toledo’s hard work and exceptional skills got her promoted to Team Member Relations Manager in July.

In her new role, Toledo is responsible for organizing team member events at Gold Coast, including blood drives, food drives, Team Member of the Month luncheons and Team Member Appreciation Day. Additionally, Toledo conducts new hire orientations, welcoming new team members to the Company. She is also the contact person team members go to when they have questions regarding their participation in Boyd Gaming’s United Way Campaign.

As Team Member Relations Manager, Toledo truly enjoys the people she works with, as well as helping her fellow team members with Human Resources-related issues. She also finds great satisfaction in watching the events she organizes come to life.

Throughout her career, Toledo has learned to never say, “I can’t.”

“We are capable of doing anything if we work for it,” said Toledo. “Believing in this has helped me significantly in my current role. When I run into situations that seem challenging, I seek advice from my colleagues and apply it, while also remembering that I can get the job done by never giving up.”

Human Resources Manager Janis Weinrich said that Toledo is well-deserving of her recent promotion to Team Member Relations Manager.

“Liz always goes above and beyond to help all of our team members,” said Weinrich. “She is very patient, which makes her an absolutely perfect fit to be our Team Member Relations Manager.” 

After Hours: Outside of work, Toledo dedicates all her extra time to her five-year-old son Josiah. She also loves to sing and play the drums.

Richard Litke – Fremont Hotel and Casino – Assistant Facilities Manager

Moving Up: Assistant Facilities Manager (2017); Shop Worker (2001); Engineer III Helper (1999).

On the Job: Richard Litke began his career with Boyd Gaming nearly two decades ago as an Engineer III Helper at Fremont Hotel and Casino. In 2001, Litke went on to become a Shop Worker at the property and was later promoted to Assistant Facilities Manager in March of this year.

As the Assistant Facilities Manager, Litke is responsible for assisting the Facilities Director with overseeing and coordinating day-to-day building operations. This includes a wide range of tasks, such as managing building repairs, new construction projects and remodels, as well as budgeting, estimating, purchasing, planning, researching, scheduling, reading blueprints and assisting vendors and contractors. Additionally, Litke makes time to help his crew with routine assignments and shop duties. He has also served as a member of the Safety Committee at Fremont since 1999, and was recently awarded Team Leader of the Quarter.

In his new position, Litke enjoys watching the growth, progress and discipline of his hard-working crew.

“Each day, our team formulates a plan and those plans are carried out by my crew with little to no assistance from me, operating like a well-oiled engine,” said Litke.

To date, the biggest lesson Litke has learned in his career was from his former manager that always said, “Do what’s right! Don’t Listen to me.” Litke has adopted this statement as his motto in all his endeavors, believing that everyone should always do what is right in everything they do. He’s also learned that proper communication is critical in any decision-making process.

As a new assistant manager, Litke hopes his team members will learn to “adapt and change as technology continues to grow and expand.” He also wants his crew to continue to follow Boyd Style and stay on track as they advance in their careers.

Facilities Director Chris Swords says that Litke’s new position is a very natural fit for him because Litke leads by example and never hesitates to get his hands dirty as he assists his team with the jobs he asks them to complete.

“Over the last 18 years at Fremont, Richard has earned a level of respect from other departments that has helped keep an open line of communication between himself and other department managers helping to ensure that the property runs smoothly,” said Swords. “Richard’s attitude is a perfect example of Boyd Style; he is outgoing and very friendly toward all team members and guests.”

After Hours: In his spare time, Litke enjoys spending quality time with his wife and grandchildren. He also enjoys outdoor activities like playing racquetball, walking the dogs, hiking and fishing.

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