Bill Boyd Honored by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

On Sept. 13, Boyd Gaming Executive Chairman Bill Boyd was presented with a prominent tribute by the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada for his lifelong support of the organization.

“With sincere gratitude to our friend, William S. Boyd, for his tireless efforts in championing the cause of access to justice for all” reads the tribute by the Legal Aid Center team, located in their lobby above the reception desk.

The relationship with the Legal Aid Center stemmed from Mr. Boyd’s early days as an attorney. From providing pro bono legal services to the less fortunate in the 1960s, to serving as chairman of the Legal Aid Center’s two most recent fundraising campaigns, Mr. Boyd has been one of southern Nevada’s most prominent champions of the organization’s mission.

While speaking on behalf of the Endowment Campaign, Mr. Boyd explained to his support for the Legal Aid Center grew out of his parents’ lessons he had as a young man. “If you are successful, you need to give back to your community,” he said.

“We want to thank Bill Boyd by showcasing an acknowledgment of appreciation in our lobby, a display that every client, every donor and every attorney will see every time they enter this building,” said Barbara Buckley, Executive Director of the Legal Aid Center.  

With more than 100 community, business and philanthropy leaders in attendance, including every member of the Nevada Supreme Court and the Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly, the unveiling was a heartfelt gesture as thanks to Mr. Boyd for his decades of friendship and support.

“Mr. Boyd has consistently been there for decades,” said Buckley.

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