The Cal praised as “a Hawaiian’s Hawaiian fantasy” in new UNLV paper

Earlier this month, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Center for Gaming Research published a research paper on the California Hotel and Casino, calling it “a Hawaiian’s Hawaiian fantasy.”

Professors Cynthia Van Gilder and Dana R. Herrera, the authors of the research paper, concluded that the Cal has become the preferred vacation destination for residents of Hawai’i in large part because of the Cal’s tireless efforts to position the property as a comfortable, authentic destination for Hawaiians.

At home, Hawaiians are accustomed to creating fantasy experiences for mainland tourists, the authors note – so they have been particularly receptive to the Cal’s mission of creating a Las Vegas getaway tailored specifically to the desires and wants of Hawaiian residents.

“We argue that The Cal is what in the field of branding and marketing, is known as a ‘Lovemark,’” Van Gilder and Herrera wrote.  “It has become sewn into the lives of families and the cultural identity of Hawaiian locals. The significance of The Cal has moved beyond brand loyalty and into a critical signifier of identity. Coming to Las Vegas and staying at The Cal has become part of what it means to be a Hawaiian.”

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Van Gilder and Herrera argue that The Cal has been successful in reaching Hawaiian locals by offering a “Hawaiian home-away-from-home” with Hawaiian-themed gambling, Hawaiian-inspired décor and authentic Hawaiian cuisine, including the famous oxtail soup served at Market Street Café

The authors also mention that the property’s all-new redesign, featuring a culturally-inspired modern look and feel as well as elevated amenities, remains true to The Cal’s Hawaiian fantasy and “Aloha Spirit” charm that has been beloved by Hawaiian visitors for more than 40 years. For these reasons, Van Gilder and Herrera call The Cal the “undisputed heart of Hawaiian Vegas.”

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