The Cal’s Market Street Café Featured on the Travel Channel

The famously delectable oxtail soup served at California Hotel and Casino’s Market Street Café was recently featured on the Travel Channel in the May 15 episode of “The Zimmern List.” The episode covers renowned chef and TV personality Andrew Zimmern’s visit to Las Vegas where he explores noteworthy bites at dining destinations across the city.

In the segment, Zimmern calls out the Cal, often referred to as “Hawai’i’s Ninth Island,” as a historic downtown gem and a favorite to Pacific Islanders, offering authentic Hawaiian cuisine. The show captures him experiencing the late-night vibe of the restaurant during the time it offers its highly-acclaimed oxtail soup.

“Well, two sips in and I think I’m going to be a regular too,” Zimmern boasts after his first taste. He touted that the meat was “perfectly coming off the bone,” calling the oxtail soup “crazy good” and “a real Hawaiian favorite.” Zimmern was impressed with the rich flavors of the broth, the freshness and quality of the ingredients and the fact that “at one in the morning, you could sit with really great people and enjoy an insane bowl of your favorite soup.”

Market Street Café’s oxtail soup is stewed for hours to soften its tender cuts of beef. The softened beef cut is then tossed with a slowly simmered broth mixed with onions, carrots, peppers, celery, garlic and chopped tomatoes.

Offering a pro tip, Zimmern shares how to best enjoy the soup’s unique flavors.

“Throw your soy sauce into the end of your ginger bowl because that’s how you’re going to dip your meat.”

Market Street Café’s legendary oxtail soup is served from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. daily. For reservations or more details about the restaurant, please call (702) 385-1222 or visit