Sam’s Town Las Vegas is Victorious in Housekeeping Olympics

The hardworking housekeeping team at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Las Vegas recently earned a slew of trophies at the annual Las Vegas Housekeeping Olympics, a serious competition with a humorous bent that brings confidence and a host of trophies to hotel employees who train all year long for this heady experience. Their outfits were embellished, and the courses were riddled with bright safety cones, unmade beds, vacuum cleaners and more.

Sam’s Town was successful in taking second place for the spirit/dance competition among other awards.

“The Sam’s Town team actually tied for first place in the spirit competition,” said Evan Meyer, Housekeeping Manager at Sam’s Town. “However, we lost in the tiebreaker, and got second place in the toilet paper toss.”

The competition infuses a sense of pride in their daily work, said Rhonda Moore, Guest Room Attendant at Sam’s Town and part of the winning Dance Team.

“I loved it,” said Moore. “The crowd, the cheers and the different costumes were awesome. There was so much to see and be a part of. It was pretty neat, and we felt a lot of love for what we do.”

The competing teams are more friendly than fierce as they take to the floor to participate in a toilet paper toss, spirit competition, vacuum race and the prime bed making contest. They take time to swap trade secrets and support for the other contestants.

“I learned a lot of things that people do in different casinos,” said Moore. “It was a great experience.”

Practice outside of the plush rooms at Sam’s Town can increase the odds of taking home a shiny trophy, said Reynaldo Aguinaldo, Custodian II at Sam’s Town and member of the Toilet Paper Toss Team.

“You have to prepare yourself, concentrate on what you are doing at that moment and face your fears,” said Aguinaldo, a three-time champion of the Housekeeping Olympics.

The secret to walking away with a trophy in hand is to walk in with self-assurance, said Eliza Ibanez, Guest Room Attendant at Sam’s Town and Vacuum Race contestant.

“If you have time, practice for a few hours, not at work,” she said. “It can build your confidence for the time you walk out and have to compete.”

For Maritza Lopez-Alvarez, Guest Room Attendant at Sam’s Town and participant of the bed making competition, the way to a win lies within the job itself.

“My secret is that I already make beds every day,” said the two-time competitor. “We train every day. It is a lot of fun. I look forward to going again next year.”

For Adela Castaneda, Guest Room Attendant at Sam’s Town and Dance Team member, the choreography paired with the selection of music and co-workers made the Sam’s Town team rise above the competition.

“It was so much fun,” said Castaneda. “It is the dancers itself that make the competition. We had the moves, the music and the dancers. It’s like we were born to dance.”

In preparation for next year, Sam’s Town’s team members have already begun to design the spirit costumes they will wear, explore how to cut the time on completing that perfectly made bed, work on their toilet paper pitch and picking up sticky pieces with a vacuum and a quick flick of the wrist.

“I’m looking forward to next year and winning first place,” said Shadonna Hayes, Guest Room Attendant at Sam’s Town and Dance Team member. “We’ll bring home the gold, the big trophy, for sure.”