Learn About Boyd Gaming’s Oasis 360 Migration Project

Boyd Gaming has partnered with Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. to implement a new casino management system called Oasis 360.

Oasis 360 will bring all Boyd Gaming properties under a single casino management system, which will help us to better serve our guests, and work smarter by simplifying processes.

As the Company rolls out this new system, team members are invited to learn more about the Oasis 360 Migration Project by exploring the Oasis 360 Migration Project SharePoint website. Below are some highlighted details about this important initiative.

About Oasis 360

Oasis 360 is a unique collection of software applications and hardware designed to enhance the casino experience for our guests. The Oasis 360 ecosystem provides many advantages that cover a wide array of solutions, as well as applications that are designed to increase loyalty and help our operations become more efficient and effective.

Understanding the Project

Boyd Gaming has taken the initiative to create an internal, team member-focused SharePoint site to provide clear, accurate and up-to-date information to all team members about how this program will impact them and our destinations nationwide. The site also provides insight about the overall project, our partnership with Aristocrat, details about Oasis 360 products, roll out timelines and more.  

Change Management: ADKAR Model

To successfully roll out the Oasis 360 casino management system, Boyd Gaming has adopted the ADKAR model, which is a framework that organizes change management activities to help us achieve our goals. ADKAR is an acronym that represents five milestones that must be achieved for change to be successfully realized, including:

  • Awareness of the need to change;
  • Desire to support and take part in the change;
  • Knowledge of how to change;
  • Ability to implement the change; and
  • Reinforcement to sustain the change.

As the Company continues to provide next steps on migrating to the Oasis 360 casino management system, team members can visit the SharePoint site to learn more about the project. Be sure to click the “star” on the top right corner of the site to receive the latest updates on the project.