Socially Awesome: Boyd Gaming on Social Media

In an age of smart phones, tablets and more, customers are used to getting information from the businesses and brands they enjoy with the simple swipe of a finger. Those who aren’t on social media could be missing out on news, offers and the interactions within online communities.

Boyd Gaming’s E-Commerce and Marketing Departments are stepping up to represent Boyd Gaming properties on today’s most popular social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and others. And through our loyalty program’s immersion into the social realm with B Connected Social, we are communicating with customers in more ways than ever, providing them special offers, the information they want and more.

The B Connected Social platform ( gives Boyd Gaming customers the opportunity to earn exclusive prizes through social media interaction by simply tweeting, sharing, and subscribing to Boyd Gaming’s various social media feeds.

“B Connected Social is a social loyalty program that allows our users to be rewarded when they engage with us through social media,” says Tiffiny Wilson, Digital Content Manager at Boyd Gaming.  “They can even share their offers on their social networks.”

Boyd Gaming’s social media presence focuses on the customer and encourages engagement and interaction with the company.

Each property has its own social media accounts.  “It’s the B Connected persona: comfortable, gracious, helpful, and interested in our guests. The properties get to showcase their own personalities while keeping it Boyd Style,” Wilson said.

“We’re all about Boyd Style,” says Kristie Lal, Multimedia Coordinator at the IP Casino Resort Spa. “We try to implement that through our social media.  We want players to be able to come to us and talk to us about anything.”

“Some of our most popular posts are about getting to know the team members: seeing what the chefs are cooking, meeting our volunteer of the month,” says Melissa Traskowsky, Digital Marketing Specialist at Kansas Star Casino.  “We also let team members know about other people they work with.  Social media helps bridge the gap between departments.”

Team members also help spread the word about what’s happening at the properties.  “If team members like the posts and share the posts, it definitely increases visibility,” Traskowsky said.

“A lot of people don’t realize how effective social media really is,” said the IP’s Lal.  “We could have someone come in from another country after they saw a post shared on someone’s page in Mississippi.”

Now that’s a message worth sharing!

Note to Team Members: In compliance with Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, you are allowed to endorse a company at which you are employed, but you must disclose your relationship to your employer when you do so.

We encourage you to engage in the conversation on our social media feeds, but always be sure to disclose where you work when you do so.