Working Smart: Marketing Team Members Demonstrate Boyd Style

Boyd Gaming team members across the nation are continuously looking for ways to work smarter – one of the four core values of Boyd Style.

A couple of months ago, Data Strategies Manager Jose Nevarez and Direct Marketing Manager Winston Cho started working on a project that would help the corporate marketing team work smarter on a tedious process that happens monthly.

They created a tool that automates the process of proofing direct marketing mailers to ensure the right promotional offers and announcements go to the correct Boyd Gaming customers. Nevarez created the program that runs the proofing tool, and Cho helped build the user side of the tool to ensure his department can easily and effectively use it.

Without the tool, the marketing team has to manually proof direct mailers for all Boyd Gaming properties. This involves a lot of data validation like confirming customer addresses are listed correctly, and ensuring the offers on the mailers match what customers see on their B Connected online accounts. The task requires a significant amount of time and effort, and it takes about a week to complete each month.

By automating the proofing process through this new tool, the marketing team will not only save a significant amount of time, but it will also reduce the chance for errors on the direct mailers.

“We knew there had to be a better way to proof direct mailers,” said Nevarez. “I hope the tool will bring relief to our team because it will save a lot of time and reduce the risk of error for every direct mailer that goes out.”

Cho and his team have been thinking of ways to make this process easier for some time now, and they’re glad this tool makes the proofing process efficient and can be used department-wide.

“The new proofing tool will free up a lot of time and resources for our team to focus on other projects and their growth within the Company,” said Cho. “This tool will also relieve the stress and pressure that came with doing this very manual process.”

Boyd Gaming marketing leaders are proud of Nevarez and Cho for going above and beyond on this project, and value their contributions to the team.

“Jose and Winston really care about what’s best for the Company and they’re invested in making Boyd Gaming better,” said Chris Colwell, Boyd Gaming Director of Data Strategies. “They’re not afraid of a challenge and were able to get this project through hurdles and through the finish line.”

“Winston and Jose don’t settle, and they always strive to work smarter and be innovative,” said Matt Bunyan, Boyd Gaming Vice President of Marketing Services. “They both want to learn new things and continue to develop their skills. We’re very happy to have them on the team and look forward to their bright future with Boyd Gaming.”

The marketing team plans to roll out the new tool in the near future, bringing their team a better way to perform an essential part of the Company’s marketing strategy.

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